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-Furnishings and accessories used for home staging are at the sole discretion of Kelly Corwin Designs.


-Parking, pathways and entry to the home must be clear and accessible on the day of staging. If we are unable to access the home for whatever reason, an additional fee plus labor will be calculated into the final bill. 


-All personal items, furniture, art, etc. must be moved out and home cleaned prior to day of stage.


-All repairs and maintenance (such as painting) must be completed before staged items are installed in the home. 


-Payment is due before / on the day of staging. 


-Contracts must be signed and returned a minimum of 24 hours before day of staging. 


-Stages are blocked out for the entire day. We cannot guarantee start or end times. 


-No contractors, cleaners, agents, homeowners or any other persons may be present on the day of staging. 


-7 day notice for removal of staging is required or additional costs will be applied. 

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