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What is home staging?

Home staging is designed to present your home, and likely your biggest asset, in a way that showcases the best of what a home has to offer and to distract from any not-so-desirable quirks a home may have. The furniture and accessories used by most home stagers are chosen to appeal to the largest number of buyers and are laid out in a way that makes photos visually appealing and in-person tours of the home feel spacious and inviting. 


Can I choose the furniture/style of furnishings?

Unfortunately we can't guarantee any specific item from our inventory will be available for your home. We stick to pieces that are fairly neutral and our style is generally contemporary and can lean anywhere from more traditional to mid-century modern. We choose the design based on the location of your home, the likely demographics of potential buyers and the design/style of your home. Our main objective is to stage the property for the home's target audience but at the same time have general mass appeal. We suggest that potential clients review the gallery on our website to gain an understanding of our typical design aesthetic.

Can I continue to live in my staged home?

While we only offer vacant home staging, we do offer Staging Consultations to sellers who wish to remain in their homes during the sale. We teach sellers how to touch up their homes and pare down their displayed possessions to present the best version of their home to potential buyers. You can learn more about that here. Our full staging services require the home to be completely empty and cleaned prior to day of stage. 

Is home staging worth it? 

According to RESA, staged homes sell faster, spending an average of only 23 days on the market. 85% of staged homes​ sell for 5-23% over list price and 75% of sellers of staged homes saw an ROI of 5-15% over asking price. 


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